Menu of artists

The White Elephant Stall

Specials on the menu tonight
To Innovate & Inspire

Sally Child

Part scientist, part surgeon, part cook , part alchemist
Sheila Ghelani

Esther Morgan

Cake Decorating
Shane Waltener

Contributors to open the open table discussion
the audience

Resident artists and your hosts for the evening
Barbara Dean, Hilary Kneale and Ann Rapstoff


Menu of conversations

The White Elephant Stall

Please make yourself comfortable and take this opportunity to
look at our menu of questions. We invite you to enter into conversation
withany thoughts that come to mind, in whatever way you find enjoyable.

Question one
You are being monitored 24 hours a day by an electronic monitoring censor, often described as a tag strapped to your ankle and linked by a telephone line to a central computer, which omits a continuous signal. You must remain in the home under surveillance unless authorised to leave.

Question two
Is there no place like home?

Question three
Your home will be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Question four
Please open the envelope on your table and discuss. When the conversation has ended please return the object to the envelope and leave it on the table for further conversation.

Question six
There are half a million people living in the UK without papers.

Question five
In what kinds of company do you feel at home?


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